A Comprehensive Guide to Winning Keno

Keno is a table game that has a French or Latin root. Although it cannot be said for sure when the game was invited, it has been around before the Great Wall of China was built. According to some reports, bets on keno is part of how Great Wall and some other notable buildings were built. In this comprehensive article, we will explain how to play keno and the strategies that you can apply in the game to boost your chances of winning. You can check the best online casinos that feature different variations of keno and offer players different amazing bonuses on casinoonline-canada .

Learning How to Play Keno

At a first glance, keno may seem like a complex game for some especially if you have not played it before. However, it is actually an easy game to play and does not require having any skill. In fact, you can learn all the basic rules and the entire gameplay of keno within a few minutes. The two main components in a keno game are - the keno card and the raffle draw. A keno card or ticket is a regular card with numbers written on it. The numbers can be between 90 to 120 depending on the game's variation.

  • The goal of keno is to mark numbers that you think will be the winning numbers on the card
  • You can play free keno to get familiar with the game.

The objective of the game is simple - mark as your lucky numbers on the keno card and hope for the numbers selected during the raffle draw round to be the same as the ones you marked on your card. Depending on the version of keno that you are playing, you may be allowed to mark between 10 to 50 numbers. However, you should be aware that the more numbers you mark the lesser your payout becomes. In the raddle draw round, the dealer will select numbered balls from a pot at random and announce them. If the numbers tally with those that you mark, then you've won.

The online version of keno can be a little bit different compared to the land-based version of the game. The difference is that the selection of numbered balls is done by the computer using a Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG is a mathematical algorithm that makes the outcome of the randomised so that every player will have the same chance of winning. Aside from this major difference, the gameplay of both land-based keno and online keno is completely the same. You can play online keno at some of our recommended casinos and vis your desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

Playing Free Keno

We've explained the basic rules and gameplay of keno in the previous paragraph. To get familiar with the gameplay, you may want to actually consider playing the game. But instead of starting with the real money version of the game, it is suggested that you play free keno. In free keno, you will not be wagering real money so you will have a chance to test and practice the game without the fear of losing money. By the time you are confident with your playing skill, you can then proceed to play the real money version at a top online casino.

Although free keno game does not give players a chance to win real money, you don't need to go through any stress to play the game. You are not under any obligation to sign up with a casino or download any external software on your device. If you are confident of your playing skill, however, and you want to play for money, you can do so at a trusted online casino. The beauty of playing keno at a good online casino is that you can use different popular payment methods for deposit and withdrawals, and you can also claim several bonuses and promotional offers for the game.